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I thought this was an interesting interview with Colin Powell. First of all, I am intrigued by anyone who is able to hold some objectivity in the polarized political climate our government seems to favor. I get increasingly frustrated with the two-party, "I'm always right, you're always wrong" rhetoric, and the shifting of blame and unwillingness to work together. I appreciate anyone who is able to rise about the groupthink at this level of power. I think he makes some good points.

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  1. Powell has a knack for being objective and rational when discussing the political climate. I hope conservatives listen. Sadly, I think his party has written him off as a "moderate" Republican, thus not a "real" Republican.

  2. I have (mostly) always loved Powell. I have found him to be a great voice of reason. I agree, it all sounds like sound bytes from both sides at this point, everyone spewing their party rhetoric and no one acting as a voice of reason. I've often wished Powell would run for office, although I have heard him say more than once that he has no political aspirations.

  3. Thanks for posting this. I agree, Powell says some wise things. The partisanship that is paralyzing congress depresses me. It seems to me that conservatives never gave Obama a chance, no matter how many different ways Obama has tried to reach out to them. This country and our political position around the world was so messed up when Obama took office that I feared, long ago, that he would be doomed to be a scape goat for the current problems. That seems to be happening. What frustrates me even more is that people expect him to turn around the economy within a year. HA! Economics don't work that way! It takes time, and goverment intervention, while they can do great harm, can only do so much to make things better.


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