Ronel still waits. His dad has a cell phone, and has been texting to his twitter account, but the US embassy staff just threatened to confiscate cell phones. Perhaps they don't want this story being told? This is their 7th night sleeping at the embassy. There is a group of 60 adoptive parents and children who have been lied to and ignored for days. They were told their papers to leave were signed. They were shown the papers. They were told they just had to secure their own plane. Ernest's friends got him a seat on a flight. It had to leave without him, because he wasn't given clearance, and was told that the Haitian Prime Minister had not, in fact, signed him out (despite seeing paperwork to the contrary).

Ronel is witness to all of this. He is repeatedly asking his dad when he will get to go home. They are being fed MRE's and told to ration their water.

Debra is at home, hearing all this unfold. She has a newborn baby. Her husband has been gone for NINE DAYS.

I am disgusted. Ernest's cryptic tweets from tonight are below. Newest tweets first.

They threatened to confiscate cell phones and I need to hear @debraparker voice.

I don't trust anybody here anymore. Congressman Poe just called me personally. He has rocked! Thank u!

The embassy director just basically told us we r here indefinitely...they didn't mean it when they told us to get a flight.

Never seen a government official tell someone to F-you in front of a bunch of kids.

OMG all heck is breaking loose here...it's getting volatile!

The director just came out and when we started asking questions walked off and then we were told F-you.

We r now being told by DC that they think none of us have been signed by PM (prime minister) and they just told us that cuz they didn't think we'd get planes

They have sent for her and the district director twice and they refuse to come...I am counting to ten....

Now the guy @ window is saying nobody is approved by PM but my paperwork was already shown to me.

Still can't get the people w my paperwork or escort to airport...times running out. Things wouldn't seem right around here otherwise.

Have a flight waiting on us ready to leave at 8 but need DHS to give us paperwork and transport...can't find anyone.

Three weeks ago, I was so proud of our government for the protection and care the embassy showed me when I went there after the earthquake. Today, I don't know what to think.

Once again, I implore the media to cover this story. Why are they taking away cell phones? Why are they lying to people? Why have the policies and procedures changed so drastically in two weeks? Why are government officials cursing at parents who just want to leave with their children? Why did four military planes leave Port-Au-Prince EMPTY yesterday? Why don't they want these people out of Haiti?

Someone needs to find out.


  1. You are so right - we need to get this information out. I would think that Fox News would be all over something like this. How do we get this information to them? I have no idea....but I'm beyond upset right now.

  2. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Wow! Seriously.....This is scary! I will pray! Is there more that people can do? It was sounding good, now, this just sounds plain scary. I hurt for him, his son, and his wife!!!

  3. My heart breaks for this family and all the other families!! The Haitian Govt is sending a message to the children of Haiti!!! Where is our Govt??? The parents are by their childrens side and waiting outside the Embassy!! The officials can look at the paper work, I am sure that each parent that is down there is not only caring and loving they're child(ren), but are holding the paper work needed to take these precious children home!! Where safe, loving, family and health care is waiting for them! Is the Haitian Govt ready to be responsible for all the turmoil they are putting everyone through? v. Praying that God will break through the hearts of the Haitian Govt!!! PLEASE. let the Family's be united under the same roof!!

  4. As someone who was involved with Haiti and the orphan crisis prior to the earthquake, I am angry beyond words over this whole situation. While the Haitian government once again wastes time with red tape and rules and regulations that seem to change by the minute, children are DYING on the streets of Haiti. It would seem that they would be glad that legitimate, approved adoptitive families are rescuing children who were orphaned prior to the quake in order to make room for the new orphans. I am outraged over the situation with the missionaries charged with human trafficking. Prior to the quake, 2000 or more children were wisked across the border to become sex slaves and street beggers. Where was the outrage? I don't know the details on the missionaries; however, I know they had good intentions. Now that all eyes are on Haiti, people who have never been there nor had any involvement are now coming out of the woodwork having their say. I hope and pray that by the time this is posted, Ernest and Ronel are on a flight home.

  5. Infuriating!

    I tweeted it and posted it on Facebook and on a large Indy Moms' online community.

    This is ridiculous... and to have it be happening in our Embassy is such an insult and let down.

    Makes it more challenging to pray... but that's still the best answer. That and phone calls and e-mails to the contacts you gave before and to my state government representatives (Senate and Congress) and to the Texas representatives. I know it impacts more than just Ronel and Ernest... but starting somewhere definitely helps.

  6. This is beyond ridiculous. Absolutely INEXCUSABLE.

  7. Just checked Ernest's twitter account...looks like they may be on their way home today!

  8. Truly unbelievable! Have been praying and will continue to do so.

  9. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Hello - My name is Jen Olson, I live is MN and I too am upset by this story and the many others like it! I contacted FOX News just a few minutes ago. The only way I could find on their website to do that was to click on the "contact us" link at the bottom of the home page. I found a phone number, called that, pressed #3 and left a message. I gave them the web-address to your blog and now I'll pray they act on it. I'm praying for this family and the others we don't even know about as well. Thank you for bringing this to light.

    Jen Olson
    Forest Lake, MN


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