Chapter 3827 in Kristen's series entitled
"OMG These Kids Are Growing Up So Fast"

(India's first haircut)

Totally sad, but totally necessary due to the tantrums after every bath when we had to comb it.

I had her sit in the high chair. I cut it myself. I tried to remember watching my mom do it.

Goodbye, cute ringlets of blonde.

Goodbye, baby curls.

Hello, shorter 'do and easier brushing.

When I told India I was going to cut her hair, she asked me to cut it just like Kembe's.
So I put it into two-strand twists all over her head.
It's her new favorite style.

They are total twinsies now, don't you think?
(That's India on the left, in case you couldn't tell).


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  2. The first ringlets are the hardest to let go. India is a great sister to her cutie-pie brothers.

  3. She has beautiful hair! I love the twists, too cute, just like brother! :)

  4. I've been lurking for a while but I thought I'd say hello, and that I also have an India (But mine is 14). I remember cutting off her curls, but we went for a bob and I loved it.

    I grew up in Detroit where being white was the minority, and I begged my mom as a kid to have cornrows like all my black friends. My lame white-girl hair couldn't carry off all the ponytail holders and barrettes, though. i was super bummed about that.

  5. So hard to cut the curls, but I've been there. My daughter, Alexa, went to pre-school with an Alexis, who was African-American. Just by sharing a name, these girls became best buddies. Alexa would ask to have her hair in three pony-tails, so she could be JUST LIKE Alexis. I loved it.

  6. She is so cute! I love her twists!

  7. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Buy a Mason-Pearson brush. Boar bristles with Nylon. My hair stylist (Fantastic Sams hairstylist, btw, I am cost conscious) recommended it because I have had long hair forever. Loooooove it. Hair is healthier and it totally helps get through tangles without pain. Invest in one and use it on your kids.

    I even use it instead of a comb out of the shower. Love love love. Look for it on Amazon. I was shocked by the price, but I adore it. Truly. Great. Investment.

  8. It is so lovely to see that your kids respect and like each other at this young age. It bodes well.

    I know it's hard to cut off that beautiful hair, but it was going to happen at some point and as someone who spent all of last week fighting lice (daughter, son, myself!), my love affair with long hair is pretty much over. Go short and keep it that way until she gets to college. True, I went to a salon whose sole purpose is to pick out nits and give lice treatments (for $100 a head), and it was packed with high school girls! High school girls! I thought it'd be clear sailing once we get out of elementary but apparently not.

    Alas, I digress. Your children are beautiful however they wear their hair. :-)

  9. Your children are all so beautiful! Almost too beautiful for words :)


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