goodbye, suite life

I won’t miss:

The hallway they called a “living room”

Sitting in dark silence waiting for the kids to fall asleep

Forgetting my key every time I leave the room

Lugging our things in from the parking lot

The four-foot pool, and fighting with Jafta over why we couldn’t spend all day there

Picking out smashed goldfish from the carpet

Two active boys bouncing off the walls as I work on my syllabus

Trying to shush my loud kids in the hallway

Getting the side-eye from the mean blonde lady who hates my kids

Eating dorm-style dinner in the lobby

suite life 4

Struggling to find our belongings in random suitcases

Storing our clothes in the extra shower because there weren’t any dresserssuite life (2)

Coin-operated laundry six floors up

Sleeping with a kid in my bed

Being woken up all night long by a baby who wants her crib

suite life 3


I might miss:

Having our evening “jump on the bed” dance party

suite life dance 



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