the doctor* is in

*I am not a doctor

I have a new writing gig that I’m really excited about.  I am going to be writing a weekly column for the Orange County Register’s website.  It’s going to be an advice column . . . sort of.  Parents can write in asking their burning questions from silly to serious, and I will reach into my toolbox as a family therapist (or my well of sarcasm, depending on the issue) and give my feedback.  Or, if I’m stumped, I will throw it back to the readers to discuss.  I’m hoping it will be both entertaining and informational, and most of all I hope it will be interactive.  I would love it if you join me over there.  (I will link there each week).

The problem for today, though: it’s a brand new column, and I don’t have any opening questions.   My first column is due tomorrow, so I NEED YOUR HELP.  Drop me some questions in the comment box below.  It can be anything . . . from how to organize your toys to what to do if you suspect your child has ADHD, to how to deal with the pushy classroom mom.  What issues would you like to see me tackle?

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