frequently spoken phrases

Is there an iphone app where I can record my voice saying a couple key phrases, and just have them on auto-repeat throughout the day?  These are some of the things I hear come out of my mouth multiple times a day:

Is this a problem you can solve without my help?

Is this a tattling situation?

Is this a situation that calls for yelling/screaming/crying?

Do you need to go to the bathroom?

Why didn’t you go when I asked you five minutes ago?

Please use an inside voice.

Do you think our neighbors need to hear that?

Please stop stepping on my toes/climbing on my head/(insert variation of a violation of personal space)

Put your shoes away.

You are about to lose a star if that behavior doesn’t stop.

Stop antagonizing your sister.

That’s not for you.

I need you to have quiet hands.


What about you?  What phrases do you need on auto-repeat?

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