that’s what HE said {father’s day edition}


Here are some great writings on fatherhood from the interwebs.  Grab some tissues . . .                          

Jaydn’s First Words  

A newly adopted dad hears his daughter say DADDY for the first time.


A Father(less) Day

A father reflects on father’s day and his estrangement from his own father


A letter to my dad, very much with us

A son’s letter to his father, who is suffering from Alzheimer's disease.


Fathers – Featured Submissions

a gorgeous photo essay on fathers from Confessions of a Pioneer Woman


She Misses Her Daddy

A foster child talks about how much she misses her father


F Is For “Father” or Something

Shawn’s meaningful humorous acronym on fatherhood


Fatherless on Father’s day (dialogue)

a single mom reflects on a father’s day conversation with her son


3 ways to say “Happy Father’s Day” to your kids’ dad

Meagan Francis from The Happiest Mom gives advice on honoring dads.


And last but not least, some musings on fatherhood from Bill Cosby:

P.S. If you have HBO, check out Doug Block’s documentary on fatherhood called The Kids Grow Up.

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