iphone photo dump, mid-january 2012

iphone photo dump


One of the things I love about my kids is that they love to dress up.  The girls spend most of their days at home in one costume or another.  (And if not in a costume, Karis is usually in a diaper).


Every day they find new and more creative ways to give me anxiety.  Lately they’ve taken to using our headboard as a diving board.  How we’ve never been to the ER is a question for the ages.


New Year’s goal: go to the beach more.  I’m really trying.



This is India’s favorite outfit. 


I’ve said it before and I;’ll say it again.  I will keep these kids in footie pj’s until they are physically old enough to prevent me from doing so.  Or until they are old enough to buy their own pajamas.


I bought these mystery Mexican chips from a street vendor.  What are they made of?  I don’t want to know, do I?


This January has been really warm!  Great for my beach goals.  Not so great for my seasonal allergies.


I cleaned out the garage this weekend, and got rid of all our CD cases that were uselessly taking up space.  I’ll let you guess which ones belonged to Mark and which ones belonged to me.  (HINT: Mark’s are the lame ones).


Another day, another costume.


The whole family is addicted to Pinterest.  Really.


India is reading now!  She really likes to read to her siblings.  Works for me.


The gym I belong to lets parents drop off the kids and then go hiking.  So much more appealing than a spin class.

IMG_5921 - Copy (2)

And the hiking is doing wonders for my legs!  Heh.

IMG_5943 - Copy

I don’t really know what is going on here, but it probably ended in tears.


Jafta’s favorite after-school snack is sheets of seaweed.  Such a weirdo, that one. 

photo 1

photo 2

The kids and I got to see a special preview for the MosterJam monster truck show at Angels Stadium.  Jafta and Kembe could not be bothered to look at the camera for a photo.  MUST TOUCH.

photo 3

The twins think it is hilarious to stuff their cheeks full of grapes.

photo 4

Karis likes to ask for grandma whenever she doesn’t get her way.  This is her face after I pretend-called grandma to see if she agreed with Karis that she should be able to sleep with the ipad in her bed.  Sadly, grandma was on our side.  Sorry, Karis! (And sorry, Nancy!)


Tueesday and Thursday mornings it’s just us girls. I’m a little sad that India will be in kindergarten every day next year. She’s already reading . . . I can just keep her home one more year and skip kindergarten . . . right? (I’m halfway serious about that question).

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