the new picture face


I’ve mentioned before that as soon as she started to walk, Karis developed a distinct “picture face”.

The old picture face was kind of a manic smile.  DSC_2143


She was very consistent with it, no matter what was going on.  If you tried to take her picture, SHE STOPPED AND MADE THE FACE.




No matter what.


That last picture was a year ago, and in that time, she’s grown and matured. She hasn’t matured enough to use that toilet for more than staged photo ops, mind you.  But she HAS developed a new picture face.

The smile is a little less crazed, but now there is a little head tilt involved.  And a cocked hip.  It’s a little sassy.

(We’ve been letting her dress herself).
So there you have it.  The new picture face.  A little less “I’m gonna murder you”, a little more red carpet poser.
I have no idea where she gets it.
Oh.  Right.
the new picture face

[dresses: c/o stella industries, leggings: c/o kangacoo]

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