the color run

Yesterday we took the kids to the SoCal Color Run.  We heard about it from Tara Livesay, who was in town for a visit and ran it with a few friends.  We were too late to buy tickets, but after watching the video we decided it might be fun to be spectators.  Well . . . it was.  A lot of fun.  There was a “color party” at the finish line with a DJ and hundreds of people dancing and throwing color at each other.  We bought several color packets and let the kids have at it.




Jafta probably wins for Most Enthusiastic.  He was obsessed with throwing color – on himself, on us, on complete strangers. He went through his packets pretty quickly, and then entered a dance contest just to try to win more color packs. I have never laughed so hard at his antics.  His dance moves were awkward at best, but he won for going big.




Karis was pretty enthusiastic, but in her signature style, she played it cool. Hundreds of people frolicking in neon color? NBD.



Kembe . . . Kembe was not a fan of the color.  He really wanted nothing to do with it.  He found a group of college-aged kids playing a game, and inserted himself into it.




India was thrilled when we first arrived.  She was a little dancing queen – just full of joy and light. 



Until she got socked in the nose with a little too much red.  And then she was OVER IT.



Fortunately she rallied, and a leafblower came to her rescue.


The Color Run was a lot of fun.  I’m a huge fan of events that unite people with the common goal of having fun . . . I’m a sucker for flashmobs, and this event had a similar feel.  Everyone was happy and there was a spirit of celebration. 




The Color Run was a really fun event for families.  I hear it’s making the rounds in major cities, so you might want to check to see if it’s coming to yours.  A word of warning, though.  IT STAINS EVERYTHING.  Even after a very thorough shampoo, Karis is still rocking some pink hair.

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