disney social media moms celebration–day 1 & 2

We are having a blast here at Disney.  I think my kids are still in shock about how much bigger the Disney World complex is than Disneyland in California.

Our first night here, we went to a pirate party.  The kids were thrilled that they got to hang with their favorite Jake and the Neverland Pirates characters.


Mimi got to join us at the party.  The kids were so happy to see her.

IMG_1726IMG_1729IMG_1732IMG_1736IMG_1740IMG_1738IMG_1739  IMG_1742IMG_1743

The kids got to have soda.  This was the highlight of their day.


Our second day, Mark and the kids went into Animal Kingdom while I was in conference sessions, and then we met up and went back for a party after the park closed.


The time zone change and lack of naps have been a little hard for the kids.  Can you tell?




Thanks to a generous friend who had some extra kids, my sisters and their kids got to join us for the evening parties.  It was such a fun setting for the cousins to be together.


We’ve had a blast so far, but WE ARE EXHAUSTED.  Stay tuned for scenes from our day at Epcot, that culminated with one of us in the First Aid center after a particularly nauseating turn on Mission: Space. (Spoiler alert: it wasn’t one of the kids).

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