Questions of eternal significance: what was your favorite toy as a child?

I was thinking about childhood toys today, as Karis was playing with one of mine. The toy I have the most memories of playing with as a child was this Sesame Street Playhouse from Fisher Price:


I loved this thing so much as a kid that when I had my own, I went searching for one on ebay. I ended up paying an obscene amount for an intact set, but it was worth it. Karis plays with it daily, and I really think it is her favorite, too.


Today several of the figures were having a tea party together.  I was only hearing snippets of it from the other room, but I heard enough to tell you that one of the figures she’d named Mrs. Fart and another was dubbed Tootie.


Do not let the cute little ballet gear fool you. This one is worse than her big brothers with the potty humor.


What about you? What toy do you really remember loving as a child? And did anyone else have this Sesame Street set?

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