Questions of eternal significance: what shoes do you wear to a theme park?

We’ve spent the week at Disney World  this week (lots of pics and stories to come) but I wanted to pop in and ask a vitally important question here . . . one that has confounded me for decades:

What shoes should one wear to an amusement park?

There is so much walking at Disney World. Last year my feet were hurting by day 2.  I can never figure out the best shoe wear for miles of walking while NOT wearing exercise gear. Sine I hit my 30’s I’ve found I need decent arch support and cannot simply choose whatever shoes I think are cute at a given time. My running shoes are comfortable for long-term walking but I hate the way they look with jeans. I’m sorry but it needs to be said: running shoes with jeans should not happen. Ever.

Last year I wore my Reef Flip-Flops with some success, which was a surprise. I was planning to wear them again and last week at the beach they washed out into the ocean while I wasn't paying attention.


R.I.P., well-worn Reef sandals

Cue shoe crisis, as I was concerned about wearing new flip-flops since they seem to require some breaking-in. A friend tipped me off to Crocs Ballet Flat. While I am generally opposed to Crocs on adults (in fact I wrote a post about it here), I thought these were not entirely hideous, and they have been incredibly comfortable, even without socks . . . a nice bonus since it was so hot. Who knew?


I’m curious if there is another option I’ve been missing. What kind of shoes do you wear for long days in a theme park/zoo/public establishment with lots of walking?

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