Funny stories for college money? Yes, please.

A couple weeks ago I posted about my trip to New York to make a little web episode for Happy Family Organics. The shoot was a lot of fun . . . they had a group of improv actors from the Upright Citizens Brigade to act out our real-life stories. All of them are posted now, and they are so much fun: first, for how relatable the stories are of the difficulties of getting kids to eat well. But when you add in the hilarity of the improve, it’s a really fun series.

My friend Kristen Chase’s is one of my favorites:

You can see more here.

In the spirit of finding some levity with our children's’ food foibles, Happy Family is hosting a contest for $20,000 towards college. To enter, submit a video or essay telling a funny food story.  Click here to submit your video and enter.


This post was sponsored by Happy Family. Watch their facebook page for all of the Bright Side stories. 


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