iphone photo dump: random summer assortment

Here are all of the photos that were on my laptop that crashed mid-summer. Thanks, computer repair guy!
July 2013 417
The girls and I dipped our toes in the waters of hair crimping this summer. So 80’s!

july 2013 012
Earlier this summer I spoke at Fish Fest – a big stadium concert.
july 2013 131
I think this was the biggest crowd I’ve ever spoken to. I did not puke. Success.
july 2013 132
july 2013 130

Just hanging out in a storm drain.

july 2013 034july 2013 039

Karis wanted me to cut her camp tee the way I’d cut India’s and after I did it she changed her mind.

july 2013 065

Coming soon . . . merch!! Alright Supertones, let’s rock.

july 2013 136

My girls made a strong showing at the skate park this summer.

july 2013 171

This is what every single pair of Jafta’s shoes look like within a week of purchase.

july 2013 175

We got a visit from the cousins this year. These two . . . best buds.

july 2013 201

It’s cute because you can’t hear it.

July 2013 323

Karis had a tea party in the front yard and the boys were all “No! Lame! That’s dumb!” and then five minutes later they were all “Care for a spot of sugar with your tea, govenah?”

July 2013 326

Mark and I celebrated an anniversary. All night we weren’t quite sure which one it was. 18? 19? We’re old. Math is hard.

July 2013 331

You have not lived until you’ve tried Mesa’s apple salad and deep-fried olives.

July 2013 334July 2013 336

We had a visit from the Goodfellow kids (and parents), our friends who work with Krochet Kids in Peru.

July 2013 394

Goodbye, summer!

July 2013 422

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