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I am a book nerd . . . a pretty voracious reader. So are my kids. We go through a whole lot of books in a given year and I’ve yet to figure out an economical solution for this habit. We are a “library challenged” family. I know a lot of people make good use of the library, but for me visiting the library means one more aspect of chaos in an already chaotic home. Library books feel like a needle in a haystack. We’ve already got books overflowing the shelves in every room – adding a few more that need to be returned just makes me stressed. So my poor children have been to the library a total of 2 times. Both times, I could not find the books we checked out. Both times, I returned the books late. Both times, I vowed never to return. I love books. I’m not a library person. There I said it.

We make regular trips to the bookstore but now my kids are getting to an age that they are reading chapter books . . . books that they don’t necessarily want to read again. Our picture books got lots of mileage but now the kids are plowing through their favorite series and wanting to move on. They rarely re-read books anymore. So I’ve been trying to figure out a way to keep our book habit satisfied without buying books that aren’t picked up again.

Enter Scribd. It’s a book rental service similar to Neflix, offering subscribers unlimited access to a huge collection of books for a flat fee of $8.99 a month. And the bonus . . . they carry kids’ books, too. They currently have more than 100,000 books and they are available for subscribers to download across all the major ebook reading devices including iPhone, iPad, IOS, Android, Kindle Fire and the Barnes & Noble Nook tablet, syncing to the exact page you are reading across platforms.  You can download up to 10 books to be read offline when traveling or without access to wifi, and you can also connect with Facebook and find out what your friends are reading.

I’ve been trying the service this week and I’m really enjoying it. They’ve got a great selection, categorized by genre.

Photo Nov 13, 1 19 47 AM

The kids books are categorize by genre as well.

Photo Nov 13, 1 18 55 AM

I’ve queued up a couple books for myself that I’ve always wanted to read, as well as a couple for the kids.

Photo Nov 13, 1 27 45 PM

The service will send the books to any readers you own, but I actually like reading right in their app (which is free.)  The kids can read from the app on the ipad.

Photo Nov 13, 1 27 55 PM

Right now, Scribd is offering a first month free trial to all potential subscribers, so head on over to try it out. Also, I’ve got a six month membership to Scribd to give away! You can enter by leaving a comment below to the following question:

What’s the best book you’ve read this year?

[The winner has been chosen. Congrats to Amanda Ianneillo!]

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