A New York minute

I went to a retreat outside of Philadelphia this past weekend. (I’ll write more about that later.)  Since my nephew Austin had a play opening this weekend, I decided to take the train up from Philadelphia on Friday to see his play and spend Saturday in the city.
I reserved a room at the Ace Hotel. This hotel is one of my favorites in Palm Springs but I had never been to the NYC location. It’s a very different vibe . . . less mid-century and more of an old-school leather/library look, but still very hip and fun. When I called to make a reservation they told me they were out of the standard rooms but had an attic room I could stay in for the same price. I was a bit skeptical but said okay. When I checked in, I discovered that the attic room was the size of a New York studio apartment. It was quite spacious for Manhattan, so I was thrilled. Pro-tip: when the Ace offers you the attic, the answer is yes.
My friend Heather was in the city at the same time so she met me for dinner and then we caught a cab down to the theater.  I might have been a little over-eager about my nephew’s show . . . I bought front row seats.
They were  a teensy bit close to the orchestra. I was worried the violinist in front of me might poke my eyes out. Pro-tip: front row is overrated, especially at an opera where the translation is projected above your head. My neck still hurts.
It was so fun to see Austin on stage. He was only 3 years old when he was the ring bearer at my wedding! Oh how time flies.
Since it was my one night in New York, we decided to live it up and go out after the play.
We got back to the hotel around 3am and I got a message from the airline, telling me my flight for that evening had been cancelling due to impending weather. So I spent the next hour on the phone with the airline trying to get myself home before the storm hit. By the time my plans were finalized, I had about 2 hours to sleep before I needed to wake up and head to the airport. So, my dream of sleeping in, ordering room service, meeting friends for lunch and then moseying around New York were cut short. Instead, I went to the airport still wearing my pajamas. I’d spent so little time in the city that I’d barely seen daylight.

I’m glad I made it out, though. A lot of travelers were stranded that afternoon, and I was anxious to get home. Travel is always precarious, and it’s stressful knowing that weather can be the difference between a weekend trip and several unplanned days in another city.
I flew from New York, where they had to de-ice the plane, into perfect 71 degree SoCal weather. It was really fun to see some snow, but man I love living where the weather is always warm.

And luckily for me, I’d ordered the kids New York souvenirs from Amazon before I left for my trip, so they were waiting for me to pretend I’d brought them home. Pro-tip: I Love New York t-shirts are 85% cheaper when purchased outside of New York.

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