A pie as an act of love

I’ve got a number of photos to share from our Thanksgivving weekend, but first I wanted to share some funny photos of Jafta’s favorite Thanksgiving tradition: having a pie thrown in his face. This was something he first asked me to do when he was 5 years old. I have no idea where the idea came from . . . he just saw some pies and knew they would be more awesome in his face. He begged, and to the cheering screams of his entire family, I obliged.

Photo Nov 28, 12 45 15 AM

Every Thanksgiving since, he has remembered this tradition. It’s as imperative as turkey and mashed potatoes for this kid. Only this year, we did a plate of whipped cream instead of a full pie. Wasting a whole pie? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Photo Nov 28, 5 52 39 PM

You can see the anticipation in his face . . .


It’s go time.


Mmm . . . tastes good.


. . . and now all the kids want a pie in their face.


Here’s a little video of this year’s festivities.

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