An easy way to bring clean water to people in need

Every once in a while my blog provides our family with a really cool experience, and today was one of my favorites. P&G sent us a sample of their water purification packets, which are a part of their Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program. Our goal: make some water really dirty, and use the packet to turn it into clean water. The kids were SO excited. In fact, it attracted half of the neighborhood, and I loved hearing the kids explain their impassioned understanding of the world’s water crisis to their friends. (Please excuse my boys fighting over who would be the narrator. Camera hogs . . . I tell you.)

Pretty amazing, right?

Use the hashtag #7billionliters on twitter, facebook, or instagram and @proctergamble will donate a liter of water to people who need it most!

This post was sponsored by P&G.

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