16 things you learn as an adoptive family

1. You will stress out.

Adding a new life to your family is always a huge adjustment, and adoption is no exception. Sure, you may avoid the pregnancy waddle and stretch marks and hormones, but those stressors will be replaced with mounds of paperwork and anxiety as you wait for “the call.” And then you will wait some more. But oh, how it’s worth it.

2. You will never forget “the call.”

16 Things You Learn As An Adoptive Family
Or the email, in some cases, when you first hear about the existence of a child that has been matched to your family.

3. You will know what a “real mom” or a “real dad” is.

16 Things You Learn As An Adoptive Family
A real parent changes diapers and catches puke with her hands and helps with homework and worries about her kid every day. A real parent keeps their child’s best interest at heart, and supports and loves no matter what, and that has nothing to do with biology.

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