Christmas snapshots

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We had a nice, mellow Christmas this year. We often travel on Christmas, so it was so nice to have the day at home to just do what we wanted.


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None of my kids believe in Santa anymore, but as you can see that hasn’t stifled their enthusiasm.

IMG_3417 (Medium)

IMG_3422 (Medium)


We have mastered the art of dragging out Christmas morning - a skill I learned from my mom. First the big unwrapped gifts. Then stockings. Then breakfast. Finally, at 11am, we're ready to open presents.

IMG_3425 (Medium)

One of the big gifts this year was theater tickets. I love my nerdy family and that they are just as excited about them as I am.

IMG_3441 (Medium)

Karis was so excited about her neck pillow that she wore it for the rest of the day.


The boys were excited about these soccer jerseys. They had specific requests for players they wanted and I just nod and try to understand their excitement.


My favorite part of the day was opening the gifts the kids made for us at school. I love seeing their excitement at having kept a secret they could surprise us with.


After our morning at home, we drove down to Mark’s parent’s house to open gifts with the grandparents and cousins.

Photo Dec 25, 6 49 25 PM

It was a good day.

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