Questions of eternal significance: Is GIF pronounced gif or jif?

questions of eternal significance

I asked this question over on my facebook page and it prompted quite the debate, so I thought I would take it to the blog.

Gifs. They are those oft-hilarious animated pictures taken from movies or videos and used in blog posts or as reactions to comments. For example:



Gif stands for Graphics Interchange Format. In my mind, therefore, a hard g is the logical pronunciation. However, I’ve heard more people pronounce it “jif”, like the peanut butter. And according to the Schoolhouse Rock website, the logical place to look for answers, a “g” followed by an “i” is soft.

So . . . the waters are muddy my folks. How do you say it?

Stayed tuned for next week, when we have a riveting discussion of how to say the word meme.


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