Massai jumping

We’ve spent the past week in Tanzania on a family expedition with National Geographic. I’ve got so many stories and photos to share, but first we have a long journey home. In the meantime, I wanted to share a couple of my favorite pictures of the trip, from an afternoon we spent with a group of Massai people.


Massai warriors are known for their incredible jumping skills. It is something they have a lot of pride in, and a group came and demonstrated their jumping for us.


It really was incredible to watch. Sometimes it looked as if they were levitating in thin air. Then they invited our kids to give it a try.


Almost exactly the same, Kembe!IMG_9405


And now Karis . . .IMG_9410

The Massai men were rather serious as they showed their jumping, so it was fun watching them try to stifle their giggles as my kids jumped.


My boys were totally fascinated by the Massai warriors and I suspect my boys will be demonstrating their Massai jumping to all the neighbor kids when we get home.

More photos of our trip to come!

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