QOES: What do you wear when no one is looking?

There are those days when nobody is going to see you, except maybe your kids - and they couldn't care less what you're wearing as long as you're covered. Do you put on whatever is least dirty? Do you have a drawer of old, comfortable clothes no one knows about but you? A tiara? Being presentable can be a very relative term sometimes.

I wear a dress. I have a lot of casual cotton dresses from Gap. So if I'm at home and don't feel like getting DRESSED dressed, I just throw one of those on. They're like wearing a long t-shirt - the modern version of a muumuu - that I can put on to look like I'm clothed but I'm probably not even going bother with a bra. I might have it in every color. Including the striped one.

 What do you wear when you're not going be seen by anyone who might judge you?

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