Dinnertime Conversations about Puberty: A play in one act

Lights up on a family sitting around a dinnertime, as mom tries to breezily tackle the subject of puberty.

Mom: You guys are getting so big! You are officially tweens now. 

Son: What's a tween?

Mom: It means you're almost a teenager. And you will be hitting puberty soon!

Son: I already know about that.

Daughter #1: What's puberty?

Son #1: Let's please stop talking about this.

Mom: It means your body will be changing.

Son #1: I really want to change the subject.

Daughter #1: Like what?

Daughter #2: BOOBS?!?!

Son #1: (passes out of embarrassment)

Son #2: You said boobs.

Mom: Yes, that's one part of it. And you will also grow hair in certain places.

Daughter #1: Ewww. Where?

Mom: Well, can you think of a place that mommy has hair that you don't?

Son #1: Can I be excused?

Daughter #1: I know! Your armpits!

Mom: Yep! And can you think of another place I have hair but you don't?

Daughter #1: Your nose!!
- and scene -

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