A weekend at Great Wolf Lodge’s new SoCal resort

Our family had the chance to visit the new Great Wolf Lodge in Southern California this past weekend. I’ve heard of the Great Wolf Lodge phenomenon before . . . I have friends in other places who swear by them as the perfect family vacation. So I was anxious to see what all the hype was about.

Photo Mar 04, 1 29 13 PM

Great Wolf Lodge did not disappoint. As soon as we arrived, the kids took in the giant water park from the lobby and were amazed that a hotel had this many water slides and pools.

Photo Mar 04, 12 20 33 PM

Photo Mar 06, 5 23 52 AM

Photo Mar 06, 5 29 37 AM (1)

Photo Mar 06, 9 15 27 PM

The water park could have kept them busy, but it’s certainly not all Great Wolf Lodge has to offer. They’ve got a huge arcade, mini golf, bowling, a kid’s spa, and Creation Station, where kids can make their own stuffed animal to take home.

Photo Mar 06, 1 24 08 AM

Photo Mar 05, 10 04 06 AM

Photo Mar 05, 10 23 54 AM

Photo Mar 05, 9 27 58 AM

The rooms are also geared towards family, with plenty of beds for kids. Our room was outfitted with bunk beds inside of a little log cabin that lit up at night. It was adorable.

Photo Mar 05, 10 56 04 AM

The food is also geared for kids, with several family-friendly restaurants.

Photo Mar 05, 10 01 37 PM

Photo Mar 04, 1 09 57 PM

Pro-tip: the outdoor bar has really great adult food. And margaritas!

Photo Mar 04, 3 28 19 PM

Great Wolf Lodge has a schedule packed with fun things to do, including story time each night and a dance party in the lobby led by enthusiastic staff.

Photo Mar 06, 3 26 28 AM

Our kids had a blast at Great Wolf Lodge, and I would definitely recommend it for a fun and stress-free family get-away.Photo Mar 06, 10 09 04 PMPhoto Mar 06, 5 18 52 AM

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