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A recap of the past seven days on Instagram ...

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"The world is colorful. Get used to it, Donald Trump!" - art and quote by India Howerton 😆

Some lovely vintage-inspired dresses for Easter. Thank you @modernechild!

Our new family jam: listening to @luvvie's #imjudgingyou book in the car. It is seriously some of the best practical advice on being a better human and sooo applicable to teens. And yes, there is some spicy language and I did have to explain some new terms like "anal bleaching" but whatevs. WORTH IT for the life lessons and the laughs. The kids think she is the funniest person ever and I have to agree.

On the blog today, I'm talking through some of the rules we have established for our twins around texting.

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Really love going out and paying $5 for a plate of Kraft Mac and Cheese when I could have made the whole box at home for $3. 😐

Ready for a little science fun at the Brain Candy Live show at @segerstromarts.

"Be kind when possible. It's always possible." India picked this Dalai Lama quote for her poster for #KindnessWeek at school. ❤️

Karis's poster for Kindness Week at school. #spreadsmiles

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Tonight's lazy dinner: rice in the rice cooker, chicken in the instapot, canned black beans and a bagged salad.

Ready for her historical presentation as Ruby Bridges.

#TBT Jafta and India painting my very pregnant belly a few weeks before Karis arrived.

Can't wait to watch India tonight. She has been hard at work for the last few weeks learning lines, songs, and choreography for her biggest role yet in Xanadu the Musical. It is such a treat to watch her live out her passions.

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