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Karis’s gold bathing suit is giving me life. #targetdoesitagain

Doing some demo this weekend and unearthed this incredible wiring job my dad and I did about 20 years ago.. So professional. I know what youare thinking. We should start a father/daughter DIY blog with home electrical tutorials. Praying about it. In the meantime you can pin this if you want.

I was intrigued by this big group of tattooed middle-aged white dudes who showed out in force for the black history parade. Turns out it’s a biker club that just loves to support this parade. It’s their third year to ride and it’s such a popular event in their club that they had people on a waiting list. They all drove slowly enough to fist-bump every kid. Loved this display of community support.

So fun watching Jafta march with @100blackmen in the Black History Parade.

Always a treat when @whoorl is in town. Lots of podcasting and lots of cocktails.


What’s your best slacker dinner hack for when you just can’t be bothered to cook? This is mine. Dump rice in a rice cooker. Dump sauce and meatballs in a crock pot on high. The end.
India got the chance to model for @heruniverse’s new line of tween Disney-inspired athletic wear. I’m a long-time fan of Ashley’s smart take on fandom design, from Star Wars to Dr. Who. And her new Black Panther line for kids is 👍.

“See how tall I am when I’m wearing mom’s heels!” #tallbrotherproblems

When you are so freaking annoyed that they cannot remember a simple rule that you've gone over and over with them (and it even rhymes!) that you just go ahead and make a note in your phone that you can easily print so they can write the sentences that might actually help them remember the rule next time.

Camo-on-camo crime

When your mom is running the photo booth at the middle school dance and you are just not here for her shenanigans 😂

Adventures in mommy-blogging. 😳😂🙅🏻 #hardpass


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