Life Lately

I’ve got a seriously romantic 11-year-old on my hands. Ladies, form an orderly queue.

Learning that iconic @alvinailey Revelations choreography today at @segerstromarts. #nailedit

The stucco is finally getting done! #longestremodelever

Repost @lifelistened: On this week’s episode of @selfiepodcast, Sarah and Kristen feature an interview with @LizBohannon, founder of @SsekoDesigns, an ethical apparel company that uses fashion for good. . Liz offers a compelling perspective against “mom guilt,” saying it shouldn’t be a catchall emotion or a constant for moms today. Kristen and Sarah use Liz’s thoughts as a springboard to further discuss this topic! . Head to the link in profile to listen! . . . . . #LifeListened #selfiepodcast #selfcare #lizbohannon #ssekodesigns #fashionforgood #ethicalbrand #ethicalfashion #ethicalcompany #apparel #textiles #accessories #caftans #momguilt #momentrepreneur #antimomguilt #nomoremomguilt

nyone else watch Schitt’s Creek? Was just telling a friend I had Moira Rose’s exact cut and color in the 90’s. Here’s proof. #TBT

It’s kindness week at school and as a PAL leader India is getting her rainbow on.

The cloud cover looking like mountains tonight. ☁️ 🌴

Happy #nationalsiblingday. No we weren’t in a cult. We just dressed like that on purpose.

  • Our podcast now has a facebook group for chatting all things self-care, from enneagram stuff to skincare routines to how to break out of a toxic relationship. It's a great place for community support and to talk further about that tricky resistance to caring for ourselves well. Come join us! Link in profile.

hat’s a wrap! So fun getting to watch India perform this weekend. She had lots of crazy cues and two solos and rose to the occasion! #intothewoods

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