Life Lately

Happy Father’s Day to the man who gave me my irreverence, my love for Haiti, my sense of humor, and my willingness to share embarrassing stories in public spaces. 😂😂

THIS SHOW THOUGH. What an incredible portrayal of empathy and love. The first episode of the new season is a must-watch for all Christians. I’ve been forcing my kids to watch but according to India’s Instagram she doesn’t mind. ❤️❤️

Thanks @raisingself for basically outlining my life plan for me today. Grateful for smart boss-lady friends.

Is it bad that my first thought upon seeing this neighborhood post is “please don’t let it be my kid?” 😂😂
(It wasn’t.)

t’s rare to find that friend who shares your sarcasm, your overdeveloped sense of justice, and also your love of adventure ... who, when you say, “We have a five hour layover in Shanghai, we should see the Great Wall” is totally game. I got to chat with @jamiethevwm for our latest episode of @selfiepodcast and like our friendship, it’s all over the map. Missions. Hot doctors. Money pee. Take a listen at the link in my profile.

😭😭 these get me every time ....

A group of kids were sitting on my lawn waiting for my kids to finish dinner so I just invited them in. I pretend to be annoyed but in reality this was my house growing up and it’s the house I wanted to create for my kids. Love this neighborhood and the band of roving kids.

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